High-Fiving Palm Trees

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Whipsnade Zoo Stampede 10k 2012

I entered this race in 2010, and it would have been only my 2nd 10k, but I had to pull out due to injury, so I was pleased to try for it again this year.

I was hoping to run with Carla http://fortnightflo.wordpress.com/ again as we haven’t been out since training for the VLM, but sadly she is poorly with sinusitis which has really knocked her for six for a few weeks.  Hoping she gets better soon and gets it beat.

Elaine from the Stopsley Striders was also running with other Striders who I don’t know so I was going to look out for her as well.

Mum came round at 08.00 and we set off for the zoo at 08.30.

What a fantastic day to go to the Zoo, the sun was out and it was already pretty warm.

What a bloody stupid  challenging day to do any sort of running!

Since the VLM. I’ve been out on 2 ParkRuns, and once on the treadmill, so this was going to be the longest run that my raggedy little toes were going to attempt since “The Damage” *.

There were plenty of runners and supporters out which was great.  Also a few fancy dress costumes, notably the two men, of a certain age, wearing the skin-tight stretch leopard and zebra unitards.  Aieeee, my eyes, my eyes!!!

Mum & I watched the aerobic warm-up with amusement.  We were especially entertained by the enthusiastic men who were joining in.  I suppose we were being a bit sexist, but I just never expect to see men really going for it with the Grapevines and Hop Turns.  It was pretty strenuous, I’d have been knackered before the race even began if I’d joined in with that.

They told us to take our places, and the estimated finishing times were indicated.  I aimed for the 60 mins+  section much to Mum’s disappointment; she wanted me to start at the front where she could get a good photo of me. (Being flattened by the fit, lanky, young men who finished in about 30 mins)

Off we went. It was a 3 lap race and the first lap was lovely, seeing the Zoo and the animals.

The second lap was  not so lovely as it was SO HOT. I also knew where all the hilly bits were going to be and that I’d still have to do it another time round after this one.  Saw Mum and waved for a photo  “Is this your third lap?” she cried.  How fast does she think I am???

Shortly after that, at 2.5 miles I was lapped by the leader.  Sprinting.

Later that lap I thought I saw Elaine.  She was ahead of me wearing a Stopsley Strider top, but I wasn’t sure if it was her as we’ve only met once before, so I tried to get in front of her so I could look at her face.

Just as I was about level, she cried “Hi Kim!!”  Which was lovely of her.  I was however a bit sad that she recognised me given that the one time we met I was all done up for a night out, and this time I was bright red and dripping with sweat.   I may have to review my “night out” look.

We had a little catch-up and agreed that I had become declimatized from Spain as I was not finding the hot weather easy then we carried on running our own races.

Third lap,  melting like a dropped lolly.  I decided to walk/run.  4 mins running to 1.5 mins walking.  MUCH easier!!!.  It really didn’t affect my overall time, in fact if anything I think it probably improved what I would have achieved if I’d carried on trying to run it all.

There was a chap in the same area as me who was running the whole way and I kept overtaking him in my running phase then being overtaken in the walking bit, and overall we both finished at about the same.

Managed a sprint finish to come in at 65.18 which was v. good under the circumstances.

So what else has been happenng?  Well, Junethon lurks.  I’m going to Spain for a week on May 30th, so the first 6 days of Juneathon are going to be a bit difficult as it really is too hot to run there now.  We do however have a big hill that leads from our house down to the shops so I’m going to walk up and down that with my trusty shopping trolley, rather than driving, which is going to have to do.  I can also do some swimming, and maybe some walking on the beach, but overall Juneathon is going to get off to a fairly easy start!


*The Damage – is what I inflicted on them training for and running the Marathon  Final Tally =  3 missing nails,  6 blistered/bruised and raw ends of toes, and amazingly 1 perfect unharmed little piggy that I have lovingly filed and polished so that  the others have something to aspire to.





Why High-fiving Palm Trees?

My Friendly Palm Trees

The reason for the name is, because when I was training for the Virgin London Marathon earlier this year, I spent most of the time in Spain.  One of my favourite routes for running was along the side of the River Segura, from Rojales to the sea at Guadarmar del Segura (5 miles there 5 miles back).  The pathway has been renovated in recent years and planted out with small palm trees whose palms reach out at the side of the path like friendly hands waving at you. SO, as I ran along, I used to  high-five them to keep myself amused.

Fortunately not many people use the pathways and so my bizarre behaviour was rarely witnessed.