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Juneathon – Epic Fail ( as The Yoof say)

Oh what a disaster!

I have totally failed at Juneathon. I haven’t done one single day of it.

I knew the first 6 days were going to be fairly light as I was going to Spain for a week on my own and I wasn’t going to be doing any running as I knew it would be hot.  I didn’t realise just how hot it would be though.  It’s in the 30’s in the daytime,  and top 20’s well into the late evening.

It’s lovely, but just not suitable for exercise.  Even our swimming pool is at 33 degrees which is super for floating about in, but not for doing many lengths.

I do feel bad about it because Juneathon last year is how I came to meet Fortnight Flo and subsequently  Plustenner and online friends such as FairweatherRunner and it kick-started my training for my first HM last September.  I wanted it to do the same for my GNR training for this September.

Anyway,  I was going to get straight into it when I came home, but……… the UK weather got in the way.  Not how you might think though.

On Monday morning at 9.00 Spanish time, I received a phone call from Mike (Husband)………… from the Eurotunnel station at Folkestone.  He was missing me, and he was totally fed up with the weather so he’d packed the dog and a couple of pairs of pants got in the car and decided to drive down here to Spain.

This worried the bejabers out of me as when we drive down together, we usually take 3 days, we drive 2 hours on 2 hours off each, stop overnight at hotels, and we’re still tired when we get here.  He had decided he was going to drive straight through and do the whole journey in 24 hours, sleeping in the car and “being a bloke”.

Anyway, true to his word, 24hours later they arrived here safe and sound! Oh he was so proud of himself.  He was in full lorry driver mode.  We had to go straight out for a Full English Breakfast and (for him) 2 pints of lager. I could see that he was beyond tired and just wanted to keep going, so I let him until he was mumbling and falling asleep mid-sentence then we went home and he flaked out in a darkened room.

He enjoyed the trip down.  Didn’t sleep much.  He did pull into a lay-by area to sleep for a while, got into the back of the car with Buster (the dog) and dozed off, but Buster put himself into full-on guard mode and sat on Mike’s chest barking at the slightest noise, which was not conducive to sleep so he just started driving again.

So, here we all are, checking the UK weather online and feeling a bit smug about not being in it.

We’ll probably drive home sometime next week, so maybe I’ll be able to do some Juneathon then.

Here are some lovely sandcastles from the beach the other evening.


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