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Day 6 – Artichokes and Janathon do not mix!

on January 6, 2013

Casting our minds back to day 1 of Janathon we will recall that the lock on our front door broke and I was nearly stopped from participating as I couldn’t get out of the house. My husband effected a temporary repair though so I was out of excuses.

Since then the proper locksmith has been round to fix it and with him he brought a crate of Oranges, Lemons and Baby Artichokes. (Don’t all locksmiths arrive bearing fruit and veg?)

All these things were most welcome.  Mike always makes fresh orange juice in the mornings , lemons will never go to waste in this house with all the G&T we get through, and I love artichokes, although I usually only have them on pizza not as a dish in their own right.

With 15 baby artichokes to deal with though, I decided to make a meal out of them, and concocted a dish that used all the artichokes, plus, garlic, olive oil, sherry, white wine, lemon, anchovies, parsley salt, pepper and breadcrumbs.

Pretty nifty if I do say so myself.

I loved it, Mike wasn’t quite so keen, but it’s not really his type of food, however he still ate it all up.

Artichokes are very good for you, especially if you’re doing a detox (which I am not). They support an overworked liver, and I suppose at this time of year most people’s livers have been a little overworked. (Health Benefits of Artichokes).

These Artichokes took their job seriously.  They got inside me, took one look around, and decided they were going to detox me whether I liked it or not! 

Without going into any gory detail, I spent more of the night in the bathroom than in the bedroom.

Janathon Day 6 dawned and I realised that it was not going to be a good idea to run anywhere  in the opposite direction to the bathroom for some time.

So my effort for today has been 200 assorted ab crunches which were in themselves not such a great idea, but I did them and I’m afraid that’s going to have to do for today.


This is a picture of some artichokes and walnuts I painted a few years ago.



3 responses to “Day 6 – Artichokes and Janathon do not mix!

  1. JogBlog says:

    Wow, when I locked myself out of my house, all my locksmith brought was a bent coathanger and a bill for £105.

  2. plustenner says:

    the recipe sounds delicious, just the type of food I love 🙂

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