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Day 8 – Runners Feet!

on January 8, 2013

Did just over 6k today, Lovely run, beautiful weather. 

Today’s playlist shuffle was as follows

If I Had Words – Scott Fitzgerald & Yvonne Keeley

Just the Way You Are – Bruno Mars

Crazy Little Thing Called Love – Queen

Under the Boardwalk – The Drifters

Ever Fallen in Love – Fine Young Cannibals

Fantastic Day – Haircut 100

Amarillo – Tony Christie

Let it Flow – Audiofuel

I Will Survive – Gloria Gaynor

U can’t touch this – MC Hammer

I want you back – Bananarama

Free Brazilia – Audiofuel


Later on I went to the chiropodist.  I don’t do this often and I only went this time because my husband went yesterday and decided to make me an appointment because she was so good.

It was only at the beginning of December that I finally had a full complement of toenails since losing many of them during the training and running of the London Marathon last year. 

About a month after the marathon I did go to see a chiropodist in England as the condition of my feet was worsening  to the point where I began to believe that I had in fact contracted leprosy.

He wasn’t a very nice young man, he did not really approve of runners, and particularly disliked runner’s feet.  I chattily mentioned that I had thought about going for one of those “Fish Pedicures” where you put your feet into a bowl of little fishes that nibble the hard skin off.  “Huh,” he snorted  “No Fish could do anything for these feet.”  then added, rather unneccesarily “Except Pirhannas maybe!”

Throughout the flip-flop months I kept using stick-on nails from the pound shop, which I have to say served me well, and now I have 10 slightly wonky real nails, nearly full length.

Today’s chiropodist was LOVELY!

She is Norwegian, and is the spitting image of Agnetha out of Abba, (maybe it is her who knows what Agnetha is doing these days??) She was v. impressed with my running exploits.  She herself lost both her big toenails at her own wedding last September, due to too much dancing in tight-fitting shoes, and was therefore v. sympathetic.

Apart from the stunted nails my feet are in v. good condition.  She’s filed and polished my nails and they all look pink and shiny now and she says they’ll finish growing nicely and be back to normal within a few weeks!!!  YaaaaYYYYY!


Leaving Spain tomorrow morning, 3 days drive up the coast then through France. I will try to do the bare minimum for Janathon although it will be a bit tricky, and I may have to do the blogs then post them when I get home depending on internet access.

I could post a picture of my post marathon feet today , but I don’t think you’d like it!







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