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Days 9-14 – Sort of fail really.

on January 14, 2013

Well I said it was going to be difficult to keep to Janathon due to the travelling, and it was.  I started off really well.  When we arrived at our first stop on the 9th, I took the dog for a long walk, this was not something I’d normally do as it’s husband’s job, so that counted.  

ON the 10th I got up early and had a lovely run along the promenade round the the port then I found a park as well. I didn’t go far but it was over 2k so that was day 10 sorted.

Day 11, not so good.  Arrived in the  middle of France in the dark on day 10, it was raining, freezing cold and horrible.  It was the same next morning. I only had capris, short sleeved t-shirt, no fleece, jacket, long sleeved top, gloves, hat, or ANYTHING  warm, so I opted for the 250 sit-ups in the bedroom.  Not so easy when  a small white dog thinks that you are doing it purely for his amusement and that he should jump on your tummy and lick your face throughout.

Day 12 Similar to Day 11

Day 13 back at home, really tired from all the driving. Sorry – FAIL

Day 14 – Walked in snow maybe 2km, forgot to wear Garmin.

No blogging until today as limited internet access,

So I think generally I have to say that I’ve failed in the general spirit of Janathon for the past few days.

I ordered some new gear while I was away and have a nice longsleeved high-neck top from RunBreeze to try out.  I’m not too sure about running in the snow though, and unless it’s thawed a bit tomorrow I can’t actually get my car out, so if that is the case in the morning, I’m going to set the Wii up and do My Fitness Trainer, which is an excellent thing, like having a personal trainer in your house and it measures your fitness and really makes you work hard. 

I feel a bit of a wet drip for being so namby pamby especially reading so many other people’s blogs of going out running or  doing Brit Mil Fit etc. in the snow.  Sorry x


This is where I ran on the morning of Day 10 – Llafranch on the Costa Brava – Spain.




This is Buster looking surprised at my Janathon attempt Day 11



Buster’s general attitude to Janathon!



3 responses to “Days 9-14 – Sort of fail really.

  1. plustenner says:

    how is it that the minute you get onto the ground to do any exercise, animals decide that it is play time 🙂

  2. RunToInspire says:

    that part of spain looks stunning- so jealous!

  3. fortnightflo says:

    A very Welsh sounding place name for Spain!

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