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Day 16 – Wot no Day 15??

on January 16, 2013

Yes there was! I did Day 15, I just completely forgot to blog it. It’s me age you know luv!

So, I moved the Wii from the “bar” outside – too cold,  to the lounge, where I have previously  been forbidden to keep it. However, Lord Ivory is out far more these days playing with his factory, so I can use the Wii indoors without offending his sensibilities!!!!

The Programme/App/Game?? not sure what the correct term is, is called My Fitness Coach, and it is REALLY good.  

When you first set it up it gives you a thorough fitness test so that it can devise a programme to suit you, and as you work your way along it retests you from time to time so it can recalibrate to keep you working at optimum levels.

I haven’t used it for ages, so I got a mild  telling off from my “personal trainer” and some encouragement to do more.

I actually really enjoyed the 30 mins cardio workout and I did work hard.  Had to stop after 5 mins to go and put a sports bra on!!! I was v. Hot and sweaty at the end so I think I did well.  I knew it was going to hurt the next day, especially round my neck and shoulders but……OOOWWWWWWW!

This morning I was really sore, but I didn’t let it put me off.  If I’ve got to do something for Janathon, I’d rather be doing it in the lounge than out in the snow.

Buster LOVES My Fitness Coach, for about the first 20 mins he joins in with Squeaky, and gives it a good thrashing while I’m doing my stuff, after that he gets bored, and tries to help me as clearly I’m suffering and he tries to stop me.  Not actually helpful, but its the thought that counts.

I do want to go out for a run some time this week, but I don’t do early mornings I’m afraid and I don’t do running in the dark, and so it takes quite a chunk out of the daylight hours to get ready, drive somewhere to run, do the run, come home, shower/hair/make-up and then it’s almost dark again! 

It’s a tough life.





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