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Running, and other aspect of my life.

Day two……..are we there yeeeettttt??????????


Really didn’t feel like going out running as I was quite sore from yesterday.  

However, still in Spain, still beautiful weather, and after I go back to UK, there’ll be plenty of days to look for other activities to avoid going out in the rain, so I forced myself out for a brief 2 miles.

I felt really naughty only doing such a short distance, it felt like cheating, but it wasn’t cheating it was doing Janathon day 2 and I did it!!!

I do feel smug about it even though it was only short.  I’ve run 2 days in a row and anything is better than nothing.

 I wasn’t planning on doing Janathon so I don’t have much kit with me, 1 sports bra, 1 running top, 1 pair of capris and 2 pairs of socks.  I can get away with it for 2 runs, so long as I stay upwind of anyone else, but it’s all been washed now and ……..what if it’s not dry tomorrow??????????




This is a cloud that ran with me today.  I think that it looks like a bird.

This is a cloud that ran with me today. I think that it looks like a bird.

IMG_1997Well, I haven’t blogged anything since July, and I haven’t run since The Great North Run in September, so this is all going to come as a horrible shock to the system.

Anyway, it’s January 1st 2013, I am in Spain, but only for one more week, it’s a glorious day and I don’t have a hangover for probably the first New Year’s day in about 35 years.

I thought I might do my own private little Janathon so when I fall at the wayside, no-one need know, but then I thought ” NO, be strong Kimmy, do it properly or don’t do it at all.”

After I had decided not to do it at all, my conscience got the better of me and I decided that I ought to go out take advantage of the abovementioned combination of factors, and do a short run.

FATE however had other ideas.  The lock on our front (only) door broke and we were locked in HURRAH  OH BLOW!

As I settled in front of the TV and prepared for a day of sloth, my beloved husband, (who wanted to a “very important” cowboy film on his own) struggled to fix the lock, and blooming well succeeded.  My excuses were shot.  I blame John Wayne.

I am actually very pleased that I went out. It was really super out there and now I feel v.v.virtuous.

I only did 5.29k, which is more than enough in my (out of ) condition.  I’ve put on a few pounds over Christmas like everyone else, and I would like to lose them before they set solid, plus a few of the other pounds I’ve also put on since September.  I know full well that running is the only thing that will really achieve this so however much I moan about this, I think I’d better just bite the bullet and get on with it.

Watch this space.Image

View from top of the hill 01.01.13