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So I cooked the Quinoa…….

on May 9, 2013

Well then what are you supposed to do with it???

I didn’t think this out.

In my bid for healthy-eating to go with my Fat-busting course, I purchased Quinoa for the first time today.

Knowing that Mike would no more eat Quinoa than dance the Hornpipe, I bought him some Mussels.  We also had fresh Asparagus from the garden to eat.  I steamed the Asparagus, and did the Mussels in a white wine sauce and put the Quinoa on to boil.

We had the Asparagus for starters.  Mine with a little smear of butter, Mike’s was more like Butter with some asparagus in the way.

I put his Mussels in a bowl and served them with a slice of home-made bread.

Then I drained the Quinoa. I hadn’t really thought about what to do with it, so I quickly looked online for recipes and almost all of them seem to call for pomegranate seeds or feta cheese.  Not sure why.  I had neither, so I improvised with a couple of tomatoes chopped up with olive oil and salt.

It wasn’t very nice.

Must add Pomegranates and Feta cheese to my shopping list.

Any Quinoa recipes gratefully received.

The fat-busting progresses. Yesterday I had to do a Total Body Blast. Yes, it was as bad as it sounds. It all looks so easy on paper – just do it each exercise for 30 seconds then have a lovely rest for 60 seconds. Bah!

You try it. Burpees?? I don’t think I’ve ever done a Burpee before, let alone done them for 30 seconds which let me tell you is a very long time!  I did not look like Julia does in her instructional videos, all long lean and bouncy.  I looked a like a crawling toad.

The only mirror in the room is at waist height, and so doing the standing up exercises, which require a bit of jumping around, allows me an alarming view of my midriff – tummy and thighs – flobbling about and forcing me to carry on beyond what I feel I can do in a desperate effort to make   it    go    away!!!!!

Today’s workout was another horror, also easy on paper and shockingly punishing when put into action.  Agains sets and repetition.

It’s amazing how quickly you work up a sweat doing what seem to be gentle exercises.

I am fortunate though to have a training partner who is keen to give me a rub down in between sets. Or should I say a lick-down…

Yes Buster Ivory does love a work-out.  He gets thrillingly excited as soon as I start.  He rolls around on the floor “helping”  and if I have to do press-ups,  well that clearly is me doing a dog-style play-bow and inviting him to leap at me and batter me with his front legs.

In between sets while I am collapsed on the floor, he licks me all over to get rid of the sweat ln the style of a boxing trainer.  Well, not exactly in the style of a boxing trainer as I don’t think I ever saw Terry Lawless licking Frank Bruno.

I’ve got hayfever! I get it every year very early usually starting in March.  It even started in March this year with snow everywhere. It then gets worse for the rest of the Summer and usually fades away in October.  I’ve tried the usual good ideas, like eating local honey, fo example and they don’t work!  The only things that help a little are CHEMICALS, having worked my way through Zirtek, Piriton, Clarityn, all the usual suspects, the only thing that works for me now is Neoclarityn/Desloratidine. Sadly this year, even that is failing me, and my eyes are streaming even as I type this.

The fact that Oilseed Rape is one of my worst triggers, and there’s a flipping great field of the stuff right next to our garden is NOT helping. Grrrrrr!


My Training Partner


7 responses to “So I cooked the Quinoa…….

  1. Elaine Harries says:

    I cook mine in a little stock really adds some flavour, also if you pop some celery in when cooking it also adds flavour, I make a nice recipie from the BBC good food website, can’t attach from stupid blackberry so will send it tomorrow.

  2. fortnightflo says:

    Oh dear – moving out the question??? You’re doing a great job on the fat bvlasting thing – it sounds like torture!

    • kimivory says:

      Ha ha, yes just a bit out of the question x The fat-busting is actually not as bad as it sounds. At least I can do it at home, and at the moment I don’t need much equipment, just weights, and soon a gym ball. I’m lucky that my time is my own so I can do it whenever it fits in. I’ll be really pleased when I’ve done it, and if the results are as good as they promise to be, I might even post a before and after shot!! xxxxx

  3. warriorwomen says:

    My cat crawls under my belly when I am doing the plank. An extraordinarily dangerous move given my advanced weight and flaccid core.

  4. Elaine says:

    this is one link:

    i dont eat fish, but do one with fish for hubby and one for me without, i like this one as it doesnt add a lot of oil, quinoa does need a boost of something otherwise it is very bland.

    this is also a really nice one, i bought the runnersworld recipie book and this is a tried and tested one and is very nice


    i also find the ready cooked quinoa can be a bit easier sometimes, they also do a red one which is nicer than the white one.

    Happy cooking x

  5. plustenner says:

    My son bought a huge bag of quinoa and then left it here when going to uni! I use it like couscous, it goes well with tomato based sauces, too dry for just veggies I think?

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