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Day 5 – How can I injure myself more…. Oh I know – Go shopping!

on June 5, 2013

Why didn’t I think of that before, after all my Achilles injury stems from a shopping trip at Christmas, so why not give this hamstring a real knockabout and go Designer!

I met one of my old friends at Bicester Village this morning.  I’d really been looking forward to it, we haven’t seen eachother for ages and we shop well together.  We both like sparkly stuff and we’re also both honest with eachother about what looks good and what does not. Cathy and I went to New York together for our first trip there and had a ball. I needed sunglasses today and I knew she wouldn’t let me buy a pair that didn’t suit.

We were meeting at 10.00 for brunch at Carluccio’s and I arrived at 9.55, parked easily and headed to the restaurant.

Bicester Village is set out very prettily all the shops look like little clapboard houses and the “street” is paved with slightly rustic, slightly uneven paving stones.

I was hurrying along to get there on time when suddenly I tripped….. caught my toe on one of the rustic paving stones and went into a headlong stumbling dive that seemed to last for minutes but was only a couple of seconds as I nosedived towards the window of a shop.  Fortunately I managed to stop myself from falling right over, or smashing my face against the glass, and righted myself, walking off in a hurry and pretending that I’d meant to do that and I hope no-one saw me because I felt so stupid.

I also felt so sore.  It was my hamstring leg that I tripped on and which took the full force of the stagger. I actually started shaking because it hurt so much, but obviously I’m too cool to let on or cry, so I kept walking and got to the restaurant, sat down and took some deep breaths while my hands stopped trembling.

Cathy turned up minutes later and we had a lovely brunch and catch-up before setting out hopping, I mean shopping .

We’d sat there for about an hour which had given my leg a chance to get over the shock and so when we went out it wasn’t too bad, but I knew it was worse than yesterday. We had a lovely time and bought a few bits and pieces, and found a pair of sunglasses that she said suited me.  I however wanted to look in ALL the shops at ALL  the sunglasses before I made a decision, and a little later we found another pair which we said were nearly as nice.

Then I couldn’t decide at all, so we went back to the first shop which was about halfway up the “street”, but on second thoughts we decided that the second pair were better. (Are you keeping up?).

She carried on back to another shop where she wanted to try on a pair of shoes again, and I headed back to the second sunglasses shop and blow me if I didn’t trip on another paving stone exactly the same way.  I probably wasn’t picking my foot up so high because my leg was a bit sore, but after this trip I actually thought I’d ruptured my hamstring.  I felt sick with pain, but don’t worry, I was still too cool to let on, ( I have a remarkably high pain threshold and a strong aversion to “showing myself up” in public) so I sallied on to the second shop, which happened to be Jimmy Choo where the assistant recognised me straight away and knew I’d come back for the sunglasses, so while she was running around getting a case for them and polishing them etc, I sat down and tried to assess the damage.

There was nothing I could do about it, I had to walk back the whole length of the shopping village as I was meeting Cathy back at the other end near where my car was parked, so I just got on with it and walked.  I’m sitting here now with my leg on a bag of ice and when I can manage the stairs I’ll grab one of Mike’s extra strong anti-inflammatory tablets and see if that helps at all.

I haven’t done today’s workout yet, but it will be fatbusting Phase II Furnace, which I can do in the swimming pool so the cold water will help my leg and it shouldn’t hamper me too much today.

PLEASE can I get through the rest of the month without hurting myself any more, I’m feeling a bit sorry for myself now.   But I have got a nice pair of Jimmy Choo Sunglasses! Yippeeee!!!!!IMG_2424

What would be the point in me buying these beautiful things, I’d only trip over again.






One response to “Day 5 – How can I injure myself more…. Oh I know – Go shopping!

  1. plustenner says:

    pictures of the SWAG please 🙂

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