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ID Required.

Big News!!!

I won a prize!!!!

Back in Juneathon I entered one of their competitions to win a Go-ID and I won it!!!  Thank you Cathy aka JogBlog xx

It’s a clever idea.  Not just aimed at Runners although that’s the reason I’ll be using it. It would also be useful for travellers, backpackers and anyone who is away from home or family.

It is an ID-making kit which you  customise yourself.  You print out your name details, contact details, emergency contact and any important medical info that emergency responders would need to know.  This is then stuck to a metal tag which can be attached to a number of different parts of your kit.  Whichever you prefer.

It seems to be primarily designed to attach to the back of a sports watch using velcro pads.  The metal tag protrudes from the side of the watch and you can choose to display either the letters ‘ID’, or the international emergency ‘star of life’ symbol.

You can also attach it with a zipper hook (included)  to your shoe-laces, or to a zip, to a backpack or your phone, or to any other item with a loop on it.  There’s a silicone cover to protect it from the elements if you use it this way.

I made my ID following the instructions, although I have to admit that the first one got stuck in the printer, and as they only supply 2 labels I was quite worried that the 2nd one would do the same thing and then I would not be able to use it. However, I made sure that the 2nd label was firmly pressed down before it went through the printer and it worked well.

I’ve tried it on the watch and it is not uncomfortable, my only reservation would be that, in the event of me being found knocked unconscious by a mugger who’d taken the watch it would not be much help, but that’s just me looking on the black side!

I’m also hoping I will not need to provide the medical information for the following item……

More big news!!!

The next race I’m doing is going to be  AN ASSAULT COURSE!!!!! The Major Series !!! Yikes!!!!!

Yes folks, I, of the lovely long hair and the perfect make-up, the sparkly toenails, and the perfume, will be crawling through mud, climbing over high walls, being electrocuted, swimming through iced water, and running 10k to do it.  Oh Joy!

On October 5th (the day before my birthday) I will be joining some of my fellow Fat-busters as we attempt to complete this madness.

We’ve finished our 12 week course and all of us have done really well.  I lost 2 inches from bust, waist and hips, and others did even better than that and we’ve formed quite a jolly online team. Some of us met up for a picnic in Green Park last month which was fab, and more of us are going to be doing this lunacy next month.

I’ve increased my strength threefold, the puny weights I was struggling with at the beginning of the course have been replaced with much more impressive dumbbells.  I even had to buy another set as I needed more weight!!!

Here are some before and after pictures of some of us.  We remain anonymous!