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Turbot Fish!!

Last Saturday, we unexpectedly received last minute tickets to the theatre. The Importance of Being Earnest.

This was a nice surprise and so we decided to make an evening of it and off we went to Milton Keynes for a pre theatre meal then the show.

I’m on a healthy eating kick at the moment. No wheat, no dairy, no alcohol, no caffeine, no sugar no ‘bad’ fats and low carb, (OK don’t ask) and so I was a bit apprehensive when Mike chose a ‘posh’ Chinese restaurant in the theatre district as I wasn’t sure if there was anything I could eat.

Surprisingly there’s quite a lot on a Chinese menu that just about fits in to the above criteria, and we shared a platter of Dim Sum to start then he went for Crispy Duck, my favourite,  but I chose the healthy option of a steamed Turbot with steamed vegetables  in broth.

The Dim Sum was lovely, the restaurant specialises in it, but their main Dim Sum menu is only on at lunchtime so this was just a taster.

Mike’s duck arrived and after a short wait, I told him to start while I waited for the Turbot.  I kept waiting.  I kept looking at the various waiters and waitresses dotted around the room.  I felt that they were looking back but trying not to make eye contact.

A waitress came over and started removing non-essential items from the table; flower vase, water glasses, side plates etc.

“Making room for Turbot fish”

A few more minutes passed.

Another waitress came and started moving Mikes plates, dishes and steamer basket right over to his side of the table.  He was compressed onto one third of the table while the other two thirds were empty.

“Making room for Turbot fish”

I began to feel that I may have mis-ordered.

Suddenly all eyes were on the kitchen door as a waiter struggled out with a large platter, regained his composure and with a flourish, presented me with….. “Turbot fish!”

Uh oh!  Now all eyes were on me. Waiters and customers alike. It certainly was a Turbot fish.  It must have weighed about two pounds, which is a flipping big fish when it’s on a plate.

I think that everyone was waiting to see my reaction to a whole giant fish, head on bones in, and expecting me to cry.

Bad luck!!  I have no problems with dealing with a whole fish,  but I’ve never tried to debone one with chopsticks and a china spoon before.

Bearing in mind that this was a pre-Theatre dinner and so our time was limited I made haste and tackled the first side.

It was beautifully steamed and the broth was delicious but it was large enough to feed a family!

While I was finishing off the first side, the elderly Chinese gentleman who seemed to be the owner came over.

“Ha! You go to theatre?” he asked, looking at his watch.

“Yes” we said, “The Importance of Being Earnest”

“Ho ho!”  laughed he.  “You book seat for fish?”

“Ha ha”  laughed I, cutting him dead.  I had no time for Oriental banter I had a Whale to eat!

Another waiter very helpfully came up and took the bone away for me so there was more room on the plate and I did enjoy the fish.  I’d have just liked to enjoy it a little bit slower and without everyone watching!

We did make it to the theatre in time, and I would recommend the restaurant which is Taipan in Milton Keynes Theatre District

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