High-Fiving Palm Trees

Running, and other aspect of my life.

Janathon Day 17 already.

Today I did Core exercises with the Wii. Again v. impressive and I worked hard.  

Then I thought I’d have a go at the yoga as I’ve never done that before and I thought it would be nice and relaxing.  

It wasn’t  relaxing  as I didn’t bother to watch the tutorial and so I had no idea what I was doing when she was telling me to do Monkey, Foal, Downward Dog, Plank, Crocodile and Cobra in fairly swift succession and it’s a bit difficult when you’ve got your face in the carpet to watch what she’s doing on the screen.

Had anyone been watching I feel that they would have more than likely thought that I was just falling over in slow motion.

Buster thought it was fun though and “helped” a lot.

I will watch the tutorial and find out what I’m supposed to be doing before I have another go at Yoga. 

Off to my Dad’s this afternoon, Yippee.  Dad is living in squalor in a mouse-infested house and refuses to be moved. Got to make sure that he and the mice have enough supplies as the snow is forecast and I won’t be able to get over there for a few days. They all like biscuits best.



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