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Janathon Day 7 – Wot no iPhone?????

When I go running I

1)decide where to go

2) park and get out of the car

3) hang my headphones round my neck

4) strap on a little waist pouch

5) start Nike+ on the iPhone

6) while it gets a satellite signal, plug in the headphones

7) and we’re off.

I did all of this today as usual until I got to number 5. No iPhone!!!!!!  I actually left it at home!  I hate running without music, I nearly went home again, but couldn’t be bothered.

Did what I know is a 5k route and I’d love to say that I had a Damascene moment and realised the error of my ways and will never run with music again, BUT I DIDN’T !!!!

One week down HOOORAH!!


IMG_4952Here is a picture of a man giving our Palm Tree a haircut this morning!

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