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Janathon Day 5 – Comfy Pants.

Did it. 5.88 km.  I’m trying to add on about .25km a day, although next week things are going to be difficult as we’re driving back to the UK and I’ll be in the car for three days, and when we stop I won’t know anywhere to run, so it’ll probably be a quick mile each day for Weds, Thurs, Fri and Sat.

It was not exactly HARD work today, but I did find myself doing a few walk breaks where I normally wouldn’t have. Funnily it didn’t really affect my overall time so I think my legs are just a bit tired.

I’m about to have a kit DISAAAAASTER! My running pants are nearly finished.   I have 5 pairs of knickers which I have owned for over 17 years and before I started running were used on “Comfy Pant Days” which were generally Recovery Days.  Not, in those days, recovering from a long run, but more likely recovering from a horrible hangover!! 

When I started running nearly 4 years ago, I needed knickers that were not going to chafe and so the Comfy Pants found a new career as Running Knickers. I have not run a single step without wearing one of these 5 pairs of trusty undies. I think they were originally, white, pink, pale blue, navy blue and black.  These days they are 3 pairs of white and 2 pairs of navy but still they carry on!  However, today I noticed that the waistband has started to come away from one pair, and when I examined a couple of the others I found similar damage!

I cannot run without my lucky comfy pants!!!!!!  

Clearly I’m going to have to buy new ones sooner rather than later, but I need some help on recommendations.

Requisites for Comfy Pants/Running Knickers

1) They don’t ride up

2) They don’t ride down

3) They don’t rub round the legs

4) They do not chafe anywhere!

5) They don’t show a knicker line under running capris or tights!

Suggestions please.