High-Fiving Palm Trees

Running, and other aspect of my life.

Day 4

Up bright an dearly this morning in order to be at my Dad’s house by 9.00 to meet a nurse.  I will not go into any detail on this, just to say that in spite of there clearly being a problem, the person with it absolutely refused to acknowledge that fact and the nurse went away having done the “quickest assessment I’ve ever done”.

V. Glad I bought him a new washing machine recently.

Then to Mums to give her another lesson on Windows 8, aka The Operating System of the very Devil.

I have no idea how to operate Windows 8 myself, and because her new laptop came equipped with it, I’m having to learn it on the hoof via You Tube and then teach it to her.

I dislike it immensely.  I can see the potential if you have a touchscreen computer but on an ordinary laptop it is a nightmare. Its just so different.  Fine if you’re a youngster, but if you’re in your 80s its like learning how to use a computer all over again, and its not so easy. Every single thing is done differently. It knocks the confidence of someone who is proud to be able to use a computer then suddenly can’t.

Janathon today was a Legs Glutes and Core Metabolic Workout for the fat busting .  I think I’m going to be rather sore tomorrow.

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