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I’m Garmin to get you Tom Tom

on April 20, 2013

OK That was a really bad title.

I’d like some advice though.  I’ve lost my Garmin 610.  Completely.

I haven’t run for ages due to a niggling achilles, and the last time I did go out, in February, was only a couple of miles to see if it would hurt or not.  It did hurt, a lot, because I slipped over.

I was running around the park near where I grew up in Luton.  In the park is a museum, and other interesting relics of  ‘Old Luton’.  One of these is a Donkey Wheel. It’s in a shed, and you can’t get in you can only look at it.  I only went to look at it because it used to be a ritual that we always did whenever we went to the park as children.

I was running along the tarmac paths, then I swerved over to look in at the donkey wheel, and ran onto the flagstones outside the shed.  The flagstones were covered in invisible slime and I just went flying, at top speed.  I landed on my side and sort of bounced straight up again, looking around furtively and embarrassed, to see if anyone had noticed.

When I realised that no-one had, I had a little sniffle to myself because it had REALLY HURT!!!!!

I was decorated in slime all the way down one side and I was shaking.

Ran back to the car, wiped off the slime as much as possible and drove home.

I don’t really remember it properly, I think I was actually quite shaken up.

I haven’t seen my Garmin since.

When I come in from a run, I ALWAYS put it next to the laptop so I can download my run onto the website. (No fun running unless you have lots of statistics to mull over) but it’s not there and it’s nowhere else in the house either.

After a few weeks of searching I’ve put in an insurance claim and should get most of the cost of the watch back quite soon.

SO, the advice I’m after is.  Should I replace my Garmin Forefunner 610 with the same thing, (maybe in the new more girly White Limited Edition) or shall I wait for a month or two until the new TOMTOM Runner is released. ?

What I really like about the Garmin 610 is the vibrate alert so you don’t have to listen out for beeps.

What I have not liked about it is that the display is sometimes quite hard to read as you’re going along.


forerunner-610 HEADER_1_v2[1]_1


4 responses to “I’m Garmin to get you Tom Tom

  1. JogBlog says:

    Ooh, pink and black Tom Tom is pretty. I love my Garmin though. Not sure about white – won’t it get dirty really quickly?

  2. plustenner says:

    the TomTom does look rater nice 🙂

  3. I went for the girly white and green garmin 210 to replace my aging 450, not as many features as 610 but simple to use and alot cheaper!

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